Hi there! I’m Aidan (he/him), a climate activist who has worn several hats in the few years that I’ve been on this planet. The climate crisis has been a key part of my life and I am motivated to explore and support efforts to transform our ways of living. In this line of work, I have been a researcher, mediator, public speaker, spiritual facilitator, and coral gardener, among other roles. As life unfolds, I hope to hone new skills that might be useful in bringing about the global transformation that we will need to survive this together.

My ‘theory of change’ focuses on creating systemic change that protects our living world and I have partnered up with activist groups, NGOs, government officials, and businesses to advance this vision.

My professional interests are in supply chain policy, energy transition, and corporate sustainability. Thank you for visiting, I wish you a pleasant journey on this rock that we all share!