Tanjong Pagar Railway Station

Having qualified for the inaugural Junior Shooting Home mentorship, organised by Objectifs in 2011, I proceeded to shoot my first documentary piece, focusing on the soon-to-be-demolished Tanjong Pagar Railway Station.

Hoping to memorialise the cast of characters and the scenes of the station, I visited daily, capturing all that I could find. As time passed, the signs of its impending disappearance gained prominence, and a sense of nostalgia could be discerned in the atmosphere. Yet true to form for an 80 year old station, most things stayed the same, right up till the very last day.

Hear it? —This is the sound of all
That rifles through us and does not stay.
Everything is in the details; wail of the train
Through tracks unseen, destination
-The Telling, Mookie Katigbak